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Actions & Solutions for People & Planet


Innovative problem solvers and proactive industry leaders in designing collaborative social and environmental planning solutions, bridging the gap between planning, policy, and business needs through creative, engaging, integrated strategies for healthy, active, economically-resilient and equitable communities.

Our core mission is to serve the social and environmental needs of our clients while also addressing fundamental local and global challenges in the areas of climate action, clean and renewable energy technologies, economic and community-resiliency and adaptation, healthy and active transportation systems built on an equitable framework. Our Firm is founded on the principle of doing good in balancing the highest industry standards for people, planet, and profits.


Solutions for people & planet

From bees to transportation, the natural world and the human world are interconnected. Solutions require an understanding that “everything is connected to everything”


Incubator of modern planning tools & solutions

Our mindset is to be not only thought leaders but support the planning profession and our communities with modern techniques, tools and solutions to help communities achieve sustainable futures.

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Equitable & sustainable practices

We are committed to creating positive, socially-equitable planning impacts for developing: climate action solutions, economic and community-resilient adaptation as well as healthy, active transportation and human-centered, livable communities.


Active, Happy, Healthy and Interconnected Communities

We believe in creating environments to promote health, quality of life and well-being from food systems to social capital


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