Planning for good...

At Planning Communities, our mission is to provide more sustainable and human-centric planning initiatives locally and nationally to have better communities as a whole. In this pursuit, we recognize the necessity of managing our environmental impact every step of the way. We believe every action we take affects the larger business ecosystem.

Some companies are simply “business-as-usual” while others choose to perform above and beyond the competition. How do they do this? By understanding what they want to achieve, why it matters, and how they will get there. These entities intentionally design their business models around the concept of being good because they recognize their impact on employees, society, and the environment. The social and environmental impact must be quantifiable to have meaning. This is where the B Corp certification comes in! B Corp affirms the impact that private businesses like ours have in advocating how much we care about our role internally and externally, in the local community and economy. We are in the process of becoming a B Corp certified firm which requires that our business meet the most rigorous social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency standards. Our commitment to pursuing the B Corp certification is our way of showing you that we don’t just talk the talk - we walk the walk,

Everything we stand for, from our internal policies to our proven practices, is to ensure you our guarantee unrivaled services for our stakeholders, clients, and business partners in every way.


Team Action-Based Challenges

Planning Communities staff engages monthly in action-based challenges to promote sustainability, volunteering, nutrition, health, and well-being in their communities and on a personal level.

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Planning Communities has adopted a transit shelter near our Raleigh HQ office as a monthly community service commitment for assisting the community and the City with cleanup and reporting any shelter safety or maintenance concerns.